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"Social influencer is a person whose perspectives, preferences, voice, tastes, and entertainment are valued in a community which is built around influencer personality through written, audio, photo or video content on social media”


First of all, to understand social influencer meaning you get all kinds of perspectives and even some “top” experts use to define social influencers by starting with “What”? As we are talking mainly about human beings then we start with “Who”. 


A social influencer is simply a person who has built a community around her or his personality whose perspectives, voice, tastes, and entertainment are valued in this community.


This is one of the reasons brands are looking to collaborate with social influencers as they have the ability to affect purchase decisions in their community and leverage from the relationships they have built with their audience. Thus, that is why it’s so important today to do more authentic brand collaborations with influencers than ever before because breaking the trust doesn’t work good in relationships. 


Relationship marketing is considered more powerful than any of the marketing methods out there even though it might be hard to measure all the different metrics and influencer marketing shouldn’t be used with the same approach as Facebook or Google ads.


As you are using influencer relationships, creativity and personality to amplify your brand and it can’t be compared with the social ads pricing. If done right it works and if not it doesn’t.


Social influencers are creative people and are usually very good at creating written, audio, video or photo content to keep their audience engaged. Those who have gotten extreme attention through publicity in the news, magazines or other communities are often even called celebrity influencers as they have stood out with their talent, or remarkable acts what they have done in the world.



What types of influencers are out there?


Most popular categories:


  • Celebrities
  • Industry experts or thought leaders
  • Social content creators





It all started out with celebrity endorsements and they are really good at setting new trends though you can’t only rely on your brand growth by using celebrity influencers. Most celebrities are used by high-end brands and there are numerous cases where even simple teeth-whitening kit skyrocketed with the help of celebrities.


So wouldn’t it be cool if you could get attention or feedback regarding your product or proposal from trendsetters a.k.a celebrity influencers? Which could lead to many opportunities and different stories in the future?



Why it’s so hard to get attention from celebrity influencers to endorse your brand? 


They have too much attention so they can’t engage with a lot of opportunities and their time is way valuable as they also have to mind with their own business.


Kylie Jenner – Another day another episode of me minding my own business SOURCE


The best choice, of course, is if you can build a brand that is used by certain celebrity influencer and they love it, which is more authentic and eventually leads to paying less money as they are interested in leveraging good stuff they love.


Celebrities have usually huge followings on social media and their relationship might not be so deep over the audience or the target audience is very wide for most of the brands which means you are shooting with a shotgun. Of course, one perspective is that the message only talks with a certain audience segment and that is enough to create “buzz” around your brand. 


The good old truth is that it all comes down to the testing and building relationships with them as they are providing you huge leverage once you win their heart.



KEY POINTS: Make your brand so good that celebrity likes your product, use their personality to set a new trend and do more authentic collaborations as this builds more trust which leads to better results.


Industry experts or thought leaders

These types of influencers are highly valued because of their expertise, qualifications, position or experience about their industry or expertise. 


Usually, these types of personalities are hardest to come because this comes with their reputation of work they do and they are influencing different key-decision makers at their industry and often you can see them as public speakers as well.


 Steve Bartlett – one of the leading social media industry experts SOURCE.



Some really good examples who have been crushing it in the social media industry are Gary Vaynerchuk or Steven Bartlett, who have built up their digital agencies and literally showing how to use the power of social platforms like IG, YouTube, and Linkedin. 


They are so good that Steven Bartlett can be even called “Lil Gary Vee” because they both have high self-awareness, industry expertise and similarities in how to build a powerful personal brand on social media platforms.


 After all social media is simply getting people’s attention over social media platform and technology has the power to amplify human beings.


Working with them is different because we haven’t seen Gary Vee jumping into men’s underwear and post a cool picture on social media promoting a new swag. 


More realistically to collaborate with them is adding value to their lives with your brand podcast, interviews or even becoming so good that they would like to engage with you because they feel you can add value to their audience which they highly care about it. 



KEY POINTS: Add value to the industry experts or their audience which is part of their life.


Social content creators


Are creating written, video, audio and photo content around their personality and you could say there is a influencer or social content creator for any category out there. 


Even one YouTube channel who tastes hot spices has millions of followers because people are passionate about different things. 


They have built a relationship with their audience and either educating, inspiring or entertaining them to keep them constantly engaged.



Ashley Nocera doing some serious #bottlecapchallenge which is another trend that is going viral SOURCE.


This leads back to the relationship marketing, that you are leveraging someone’s talent, creativity, and relationship with their community which means don’t approach the influencer marketing with the same mindset as doing ads. It might feel tempting to trying to cash in like doing ads on social media but rather think long-term benefits of using someone’s relationships. 


Why the CPC can be higher than Facebook ads then it’s because you are using someone else creativity, resources, and relationships in his/her community which is higher value, thus you can burn money everywhere if not done right.


Pay attention to the different sizes of influencers as the smaller ones are called “micro-influencers” with strong relationships and people tend to trust them a lot. 


Eventually, it doesn’t matter how many followers you have if you are not honest or authentic then it will impact your relationships for a long-term.


Micro-influencers can be cost-efficient and a lot of them are willing to help you for free product endorsements so if you want to have results, start small and test what works for you



KEY POINTS: Relationships matter



In the end, if you are using influencers for the right reasons and learn through testing how to use each influencer type for your brand then the impact can be great.


Influencer marketing is based a lot on relationships and using all kinds of tools to measure fake followers, all kinds of data points might not help you win big time as it either works out with someone or it doesn’t. 


We encourage building long-term relationships, change your approach accordingly and find ways to manage your campaigns effectively.

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