Instagram is removing likes, now what?

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Focus on the things that matter and it works out great!

If you are worried about Instagram likes then you are already focusing on things that don’t matter or worried about that Mark is making more moves to leverage their social business. Although if it comes to influencer marketing space then Instagram is adding links to the creative content which helps brands to increase their sales conversions straight from Instagram so good things are happening.

What you are buying into when you are doing brand endorsements is you are buying leverage of someone’s relationships in a certain community. If you want to have certain impressions in someone’s community you simply use influencers. 



When it comes to the level of trust with each person who is part of the community then this is a different game. You are following hundreds of influencers but that does not mean you trust all of them at the same level because sometimes you simply started to follow someone as you liked their content once. There are different reasons why you follow someone and marketing research shows that majority are trusting the opinions of the influencers but that doesn’t mean you are trusting all of them who you follow.

Shortly you are buying impressions in a certain community and leveraging someone’s relationships and secondly what else you are buying is talent.

Social content creators are creative people and they produce written, audio, photo or video content for you so you don’t have to do that in house. Content creation can be expensive as well so this is something you are getting extra as you are doing influencer marketing. Therefore you can’t compare this with Facebook or Google ads.

Hopefully, this short blog post gives you some perspectives to help you to make a good conclusion on your own and crush it big time no matter what changes happen on the market.

That is why 80% of the game is psychology and 20% is strategy so how you approach things matters a lot. If market changes then be grateful for what is happening and how you can adapt accordingly to the market.

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